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Mobility Equipment Sanitization and Cleaning in New Orleans, LA

Maintaining proper hygiene and sanitizing your mobility equipment is crucial for your health and well-being. At Mobility City in New Orleans, LA, we understand this importance and offer comprehensive sanitization services for mobility equipment to help you stay healthy and safe.

Nursing Home Wheelchair & Scooter Maintenance

Looking for mobility equipment sanitization services for your hospital or senior care facility in Greater New Orleans, LA?

Our technicians are ready to clean your entire fleet. We even provide documentation for facility accreditation and Louisiana state inspections!

Mobility Equipment Fleet Maintenance
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    I found the staff at Mobility City New Orleans to be immeasurably helpful, ushering me through the scooter rental process for my out-of-town guests. Their knowledge and products allowed my family to enjoy outings together previously thought impossible. Thank you!

    Bucky Warren, Google
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    I was thrilled when my husband’s new lift chair was delivered this week. After a hip replacement he was unable to get out of the bed, sofa, or any chair without assistance. Now he is able to get up out of the chair by himself . He is able to sleep comfortably in the chair which enables him to keep his leg elevated as the doctor had requested. Thanks to mobility city and their crew our lives have improved tremendously in the last week!

    Vicki Karno, Google
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    Michele and the crew at Mobility City are top notch. After helping us with our second scooter, they delivered the new one quickly and answered all questions completely. Our go-to for mobility needs.

    Eleanor Onstott, Google